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The EngD Tree Symbology


The tree for the Engineering for Democracy movement - EngD symbolizes what we are; what we are proposing to accomplish, and which paths we will follow.

At the root we see the entire technical community, clarifying that this Movement is not just made up of engineers, as there are hundreds of different categories that also work with engineering, as the area is synonymous with development and, in a way, with any other field of knowledge you will always have the engineering component present.

In this way, EngD has the purpose of collaborating, organizing and interacting with this entire community, through which we believe that we will be able to carry out the changes in the Development Model that our country needs.

We also intend to cover the whole country in territorial terms, so that our Movement is born with a national character.

In the trunk of the Tree we place 3 axes of support: Science, Knowledge and 3D Democracy.

Science and Knowledge represent the Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Innovation that constitute the raw material and the engine so that we can accelerate the process of full development of the country.

Knowledge is obtained through Education and the Study of Science, and when it is applied in nature and at work by professionals located at the roots of our Tree, it becomes Engineering, Technology and Innovation.

In the trunk we also see 3D Democracy, that is: Political, Economic and Social Democracy.

3D Democracy consists of a guiding axis composed of Political Democracy, fundamentally based on respect for our Citizen Constitution, with equal rights, duties and opportunities for all.  For Economic Democracy, _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ as we don't simply want to increase GDP  or   the volume of exports, enriching only a portion of the population, regardless of social inequalities, with aggression to the environment and the consequences that this may have  for society.  For Social Democracy that seeks solidarity between individuals as well as between collectivities, love of neighbor and freedom of thought and expression).

The 3D Democracy axis guides what should be prioritized and where it pays to invest in a more qualified, sustainable, and structuring way.

In the tree we also have the branches and leaves that represent the strategic themes that we will need to diagnose and propose: Effective Policies, Proposals and Projects, passing through the review of the current National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2016/2022, to be carried out by different Nuclei of participants who are organized on the EngD website platform.

At the ends of the branches of our Tree we have the representation of the activities that these concepts can affect, such as climate, health, logistics, science & technology, etc. for greater efficiency, a better use of the resources to be used, with respect for the environment, aiming to serve all of our people.



The current Federal Government has a political project that does not respect democracy and, in very concrete ways, stands against the knowledge society, against science and universities, through the drastic reduction, contingency and even boycott of budgets for Science and Technology and Innovation and for universities (teaching, research and extension) in general.

We are experiencing a veritable wave of talent draining from the country, people who no longer see prospects here. This ongoing process has been worrying the national scientific community, due to the consequences for the development of Brazil in the short, medium and long term. We are losing talent from the most diverse areas of science and technology, and from the areas of innovation, and we have the biggest drain of the last 10 years.

Our movement acts from the Engineering, adding to many others, and mobilizes itself to avoid the total dismantling of the still fragile Structure of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil, aiming to create the conditions for turning this process around by presenting Policies, Proposals and Projects for the whole society.

In an international scenario of economic change orienting its Development Models towards Innovation and the Green Economy, we witnessed in Brazil a cut in the budget of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI) of the order of 30%, in the midst of a true dismantling of the Brazilian State: dismantling the industrial and technological sector, a clear war on the original biomes, in a backward development model based on the export of commodities, and import of on-board technology, or adherence to finished models.

We are living, at a global level, a new scientific and technological revolution, as well as an industrial revolution and this process is characterized above all by new intelligence, which will trigger a great adjustment in the division of international markets in the areas of industry, agro, services, environment environment and the international division of labor.

New disruptive technologies continue to emerge, with increasing speed, which reshape the competitive landscape. But the current government aims for us to be dependent and just another wagon on the train of the global elite on the North-North axis.

We believe that we have a new, rare historic opportunity for recovery, to take a leap forward in improving people's lives, to rebuild the national industry on new bases, but we are throwing it out the window with the current policy of the national government, widening the difference even more for countries that are taking the opposite path, believing in investing in Science, Technology, Innovation and Education.

Allied to these factors of lack of priority and focus, we still have the worsening of the environmental issue and the Amazon biome, where the policy of destruction consists of an enormous risk for all humanity, as has been repeatedly warned by countless scientists around the world, highlighting the disastrous and alarming impacts of the new global warming indices, which constitute a major priority for the EngD.

To change this dark and denialist reality, we formed the Engineering for Democracy Movement, symbolized by the EngD Tree.

We want an inclusive society in a thriving country that progressively and permanently seeks good living and happiness for ALL its inhabitants, with citizens!

We want a qualified Development Model that incorporates representative and participatory political democracy, perfecting it with reforms, developing economic democracy by reducing inequality, allowing for growth in the conditions and quality of life of the population, so as to eliminate discrimination based on income, and social democracy so that we move towards full equality where everyone has the same basic rights and has the right to individual happiness, social good living, enjoy freedom of expression, thought and religion.

The Engineering for Democracy Movement - EngD believes that neither economic liberalism nor political liberalism, together or separately, reissued or revamped, can provide a solution to the problems of the 21st century.

In this context, democracy means understanding that as important as the right to free vote and parliamentary political practice is, equally, the urgency of the social integration of the population and the implementation of policies, proposals and projects, public and/or private, that advance in the distribution of income and consumption, freedom of expression, artistic, cultural, religious, and entertainment, good living, and happiness.

By adopting 3D Democracy, questions of this nature are asked when defining priorities:

- Does a certain project increase GDP, but does it generate income distribution? Increases GDP, but generates environmental liabilities?

- A certain project improves social equality, is it inclusive?

- Does a certain project solve a historical economic or social liability towards the Brazilian population in general or one of its most vulnerable sectors? Does it solve an environmental problem? Generate Jobs? How many? And with what quality of work?

– Does a certain project reduce the mortality of the population? Food insecurity and sovereignty? Does it reinforce the SUS as an essential National Public Health System?

– A certain project strengthens our industry and improves the country's position in the global chain with products and services with greater and better added values? Ethical principles and guidelines as well, incorporated in the production and circulation of these goods and services?

– Does a certain project favor fundamental human rights and the good life of the population? Does it add cultural values, help freedom of expression, value native peoples and nature?

We believe that in this way we can  evolve and we also believe that if the Community (leaders, talents and technical professionals from different sectors such as Universities, Research Centers, startups and entrepreneurial incubators, industry, private initiative, autarchies and other public companies, unions and associations) do not take(in) such a challenge in their hands, we will have lost the tram of history and Brazil will be reduced, once again, to the “Roça do Mundo” concentrating the its production in primary products and low added value commodities, and watching our population moving towards an increasingly precarious regime, as well as all our natural wealth and diversity deteriorate or even be destroyed.

And it's not just forests that have suffered from the recent devastation in our country. Over the last six years alone, 36,600 factories in Brazil were extinguished, which is equivalent to an average of 17 factories closed per day in the period, in addition to the multinationals that are progressively withdrawing from our territory, as were the recent cases of Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Sony.

We believe that the signs that something very wrong has occurred in the Brazilian industrial sector are more than evident, they are there for everyone who wants to see. You just don't see who doesn't want to, or who has taken immediate advantage of this situation.

The EngD intends to discuss strategic themes so that we can propose: Effective Policies, Proposals and Projects, including the review of the current National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2016/2022, to be carried out by different Nuclei of participants that are organized on the portal platform of EngD, culminating in the establishment of the  PERMANENT NATIONAL FORUM, organized in a matrix by regions and themes.

Around specific strategic themes we will converge towards the presentation of several New Policies, Proposals and Projects for the full development of the country, having as scope its national, regional, state and/or local territorial dimension depending on the Theme.


The dynamics of the Thematic Nuclei have a General Coordination so that the main strategic Themes are covered, but the EngD has an open and aggregating character and a certain number of participants from a certain region or city can open a specific Nucleus to solve a certain regional problem or place; or a number of participants with a common interest in a topic that is not previously on the Priority List, can also form a specific Nucleus based on a specific Theme or specific priority of its context.

Here are the general traits of the symbology of our Tree, from which we hope to harvest many fruits from now on...

And now what are you waiting for to join us?!

Be very welcome!

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