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Engineering for Democracy (EngD)

We are students, technicians and technicians, engineers, professionals from related areas who work in Engineering, masters and doctors in Engineering, who defend Democracy in all its dimensions: social, economic, political and environmental.

We are a group for the sovereignty of Brazil, we believe that the country should be inserted in a multilateral world and built as a solidary society, without distinctions of gender, race, creed or social origin. 

We want Engineering to contribute to the reconstruction of Brazil, within the framework of the Democratic State of Law, after we overcome the debacle of the current genocidal government.

We believe in the decisive role of the State, as an inducer of socio-environmentally referenced development for the entire Brazilian population.

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The origin of Engineering for Democracy dates back to January 2021, when various entities, colleges and social movements launched various manifestos and petitions across the country. Despite representing heterogeneous segments of society, all these manifestos had in common the defense of democratic principles, the defense of transparent and responsible public management in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the fight against unemployment caused by the serious economic and social crisis. by the federal government in recent years, and the repudiation of the rampant environmental attack on the country's natural biomes.


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Our Principles

Engineering for Democracy is a non-party movement of the Brazilian engineering community that was built around three founding principles:

  • Environmentally responsible social development

  • Engineering Education and National Sovereignty 

  • Democracy in all its dimensions: social, economic, political and environmental

See our “Charter of Principles”

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National Forum of Engineering for Democracy

The National Forum of Engineering for Democracy has as its main objective to become a permanent space for debating ideas, proposals to reach convergences and consensus in the vast, diverse and plural field of engineering in Brazil on the tripod of democracy, sustainable development and sovereignty. Obtain greater union and alignment of the members of the engineering group in our country and improve the direction and directions to be achieved jointly. It is an important, unprecedented and challenging instrument that involves 6 members: the academic, associative, trade union, business, public and political world that makes up the universe of engineering. Within the idea of rebuilding and reinventing the Brazilian Nation with the strategic contribution of engineering at the height of the greater designs of the Brazilian people.

Fórum Nacional da Engenharia pela Democracia
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