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Brazilian Engineering in the Struggle for Democracy

  1. We mourn. The Brazilian tragedy is projected over us like a terrible shadow. 

  2. We see hundreds of thousands of deaths, preventable, in a genocide caused by the search for an unattainable immunity by contagion to SARS-COV-2. And now we witness, appalled, the CPI of the pandemic showing that lives were worth a dollar in bribes.

  3. We see the spread of hunger, with the unassisted population in the midst of the economic crisis and the absolute precariousness of their working conditions.

  4. We see widespread ecocide, devastating precious biomes. Permissiveness with disasters in mining dams, in crude oil spills of unprecedented size. Rampant use of pesticides.

  5. We see the decimation of native peoples, quilombolas and peasants. 

  6. We see the surrender of national sovereignty in wild privatizations.

  7. We see the systematic dismantling of the State, strengthening murderous militias. The constant reinforcement of the hate speech that sustains the most horrific massacres of the black people in the favelas. Constant threats of forceful blows to annihilate the already weakened democratic state of law.

  8. Engineering has managed to work with a view to the well-being of human beings. By subscribing to this manifesto, we assume a solemn commitment not to surrender to destruction. Because crises generate opportunities, which allow us to dream about – and help to move towards – the construction of an inclusive, socio-environmentally developed country.

  9. We, the Brazilian engineering community, will resist. And we will help rebuild our country. Members of the Engineering community in Brazil, by signing this call in defense of Democracy, we are going public to claim an end to all this devastation. We will take to the streets to put an end to this project of national destruction.

  10. We do not accept Brazil's regression to a slave-owning neocolony in the middle of the 20th century. XXI. Brazil is a supplier of grains, meat and unprocessed ores. Deindustrialized, in chaotic urban agglomerations.

  11. The Engineering for Democracy movement, EngD, joins those who raise their voices to interrupt the march of folly that we are going through. Let's re-hope our country.

  12. Yes, we are in mourning. But that's why we fight. Alongside the Brazilian people. For more vaccine, for food on the plate and for the end of the genocidal government.

Out with Bolsonaro! 

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