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Debate Roundtables

The Engineering for Democracy Movement (EngD) created a space for discussion and learning on topics connected to its Charter of Principles. 

These are the DEBATE ROUNDS, horizontally structured events in which a given theme is delimited and presented to the participants, not necessarily members of the EngD, under the mediation, organization and conduct of the discussion by an EngD coordinator.

At the beginning of RODA, a special guest brings his knowledge and vision on the topic to heat up the debate. Afterwards, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, within a time and in an order previously informed by the mediator, to encourage debate.

In the end, the mediation, with the support of a rapporteur, leads to the closure of RODA to seek referrals for EngD actions, proposals, activities or manifestations.

The guests are outstanding people in their fields, who can contribute to the thematic elucidation and interaction between Eng.D and society.

The EngD DEBATE ROUNDS always take place on the last Sunday of each month, from 6 pm to 8 pm, via virtual means.

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