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Mobilization for Democracy

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In a few days, the EngD Mobilization group managed to produce banners, t-shirts and stickers to give visibility to our movement in the demonstrations on July 24th, against the nefarious policy of the current government.

In several states of Brazil, engineering professionals took to the streets to protest against the irresponsible management of the pandemic in the fight against Covid-19, which has already caused more than 550 thousand deaths in Brazil, and also against the delivery of large strategic state companies, the destruction of national industry, the lack of investment in science and technology, the weakening of environmental control bodies, the dismantling of federal cultural bodies, the repeated attacks on public universities, among other actions that weaken engineering and democracy more every day Brazilian.

Our movement is recent, but its members have shown a lot of enthusiasm and dedication to the actions that are being implemented, not only in demonstrations, but also in debates and organizational events, as there has been a lump in the throat of engineering professionals for a long time. Brazilian industry, due to the general situation in the country, the devaluation of national engineering and its professionals and the growing unemployment and loss of talent abroad.

It is certain that in the next demonstrations EngD will be present raising its flags for engineering and democracy.

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